Detektorsokkel, IP55 med kortslutningsisolator

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STB-Adapt SCI is an adapter for the bases 2IP55 (part no. 046950) and NS-2IP55 (part no. 046900).

STB-Adapt SCI provides Short Circuit Protection in the detector base.

Short Circuit Isolator function is fully transparent and do not require any setting.

Smoke, heat and flame detectors can be connected to this adapter. For more information about suitable bases, see separate document “Base matrix”.

Features and benefits
• Installation for harsh environment*
• Quick and safe Short Circuit Isolation
• Small Form Factor

* The expected life time of the product is affected by the environment it is mounted in.

Operating voltage: 22 VDC to 38 VDC
Quiescent current: 60 μA
Current when short circuited: 13 mA
Ingress protection: IP56 (Mounted on base)
Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity: RH 95%
Cable terminals: 2.5 mm2
Material: PC/ABS
Weight: 110 g
Minimum sw open voltage (Vso min): 9 VDC
Maximum sw open voltage (Vso max): 11 VDC
Minimum sw close voltage (Vsc min): 10 VDC
Maximum sw close voltage (Vsc max): 12 VDC
Maximum line current (Ic max): 800 mA
Maximum switching current (Is max): 1500 mA
Maximum leakage current (Il max): 13 mA
Maximum switch resistance (Zc max): 120 mOhm
Approvals: CPR: 0359-CPR-00225