Salwico GD TRUE IR

IR Gas detector

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The Salwico GD TRUE IR gas detector is a point detector for gas concentration monitoring potentially hazardous environment.

The Salwico GD TRUE IR is based on infrared absorption. Solid state design improves reliability, long-term stability and accuracy in continuous measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air.

Compared with catalytic sensors the Salwico GD TRUE IR has the following advantages:
• Proven high reliability and long term stability results in low test frequency and no calibration cost
• Automatic self test
• Failure will not give gas alarm
• Presence of oxygen is not required during equipment life time
• Immunity to poisoning from H2S, silicone and other agents
• No saturation effects from high gas concentrations
• The gas flow rate has no influence on accuracy
• Several different mounting possibilities

Special junction boxes, Ex proof housings or duct mounting brackets are available upon request.