Relay M 8 H

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Relay M 8 provides eight programmable relay contacts. Each of these relay contacts provide a potential free change-over contact.

Use Relay M 8 to control units such as sirens, magnets, flashlight, alarms and ventilation fans.

For details on assembling a system and definitions of common system terms, refer to the Installation Manual.

Operating voltage range: 19-30 VDC
Max. DC load (resistive) per channel: 5 A /30 VDC
Max. AC load (resistive) per channel: 5 A /250 VAC
Current consumption (at 24 V): 11 mA
Max total current consumption: 86 mA
Cable terminals: 2,5 mm2
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +55°C
Weight: (with housing) 230g
Spare part no. (without housing): 5100080-01A
Certified according to: 0845/yy yy = year of production