Power Boost M

Gas Alarm Power Module

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The Power Boost M is designed to distribute power and supervise connections in a gas alarm system.

This module can supply:
• Centralized power through a Power Boost Loop, which is secured against interruption and short circuit.
• Compensation for voltage drop in the cable for distributed modules in gas alarm systems
• Transfer of xGas status between the Power Boost modules on a Power Boost Loop and the system modules connected to the Power Boost module on the internal Backbone Bus (BBI).
• External Backbone Bus (BBE) PB-485 communication between system modules.
• Protection of the External Backbone Bus (BBE) PB-485 communication between modules against interruptions and short circuits.
• Supervise the 48 VDC and the PbxGas signals (on the Power Boost Loop).
• Transform External Backbone Bus (BBE) PB-485 to Internal Backbone Bus (BBI) RS-485.

For details on assembling a system and definitions of common system terms, refer to the Installation Manual.

Operating voltage range: 22-48 VDC*
Current consumption (at 48V): 1 A
Input/output power boost loop: 48 VDC (5 A)
Maximum BBI power consumption: 1.5 A / 44 W
BBI communications interface: 2 x RS-485
PB-485 interface: 2 x PB-485
Cable terminals: 2.5 mm2
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +55°C
Weight (with housing): 230 g
Spare part no. (without housing): 5103004-00A
Spare part no. housing: 5100104-01A
* Absolute maximum value – do not exceed!