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Analog multrikriterie- røg- og termodetektor ce_50

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SensEye – CN-PYH

SensEye CN-PYH is an analogue addressable combined optical smoke and heat detector.

This unit can either be used as a smoke, a heat or a combined smoke and heat detector. The following functions can be configured in the Fire detection systems Terra One and Terra Fire:

• The detector address in the system

• Mode (Dual, Multi-criteria, Smoke, Heat or

• Smoke sensitivity level (5 steps)

• Heat sensitivity level (select temperature class
A1R, A2S, BS or CS)

CN-PYH is equipped with OMNIVIEW 360° LED indicator giving a clear, full 360° visibility of the red alarm indication. The detector is also equipped with an output for remote indication.

CN-PYH has a fine pitch net which improves the response to smoke and also reduces the amount of dust etc. entering the detector.

The technical detector address is set with a special programming tool. Valid addresses are 1-254.

In Fire systems CS3000, CS4000 and NSAC-1, the CN-PYH will have the same functionality as a CN-PH, i.e. a CN-PYH can be used as spare part/replacement for a CN-PH but it will not provide any additional features.

Følermetode: Lysspredning og termistor
Følerelement: 1 x LED og termistor
Mærkespænding: 35 VDC
Arbejdsspænding: 20-38 VDC
Arbejdsstrøm: 200 μA
Alarmstrøm: 5 mA (LED)
Fjernindikering: 2 mA
Driftstemperatur: -10 °C til +55 °C
Opbevaringstemperatur: -25 °C til +70 °C
Relativ luftfugtighed: ≤ RF 95 % ikke-kondenserende
Beskyttelse mod indtrængen: IP40
Adresseringsmetode: Soft adressering, permanent EEPROM.
Materiale: PC/ABS eller ABS
Vægt (uden sokkel): 110 g
Farve: Hvid
Programmeringsværktøj: Delnr. 040300
CE-overensstemmelse: EN54-5, EN54-7, EN54-29
Certificering: 0359-CPR-00278